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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 01:16pm on 29/06/2001
Happy Birthday, Terri!!!! ::smooches::

Hippo Birdy to you
Hippo Birdy to you
Hippo Birdy, dear Terri
Hippo Birdy to you!!!
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 03:48am on 29/06/2001
Ho-hum. Not much of anything going on. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow - thank *god*. I was always afraid to go short but now I want to cut more and more off; I'll prolly be bald soon. It's so freakin' hot here (VA) that the thought of shaving my head is actually tempting. LOL.

My dear, lovely, wonderful friend Kipley has started a website and is hosting my fiction; I'm so happy! I'd have my own website but I'm a dumbass about things like that; getting this LJ was a huge leap, okay? The address is:
There is only one story up so far but the rest will be added soon. Plus, I need to write some new stuff; I have about 5 stories started but they all kind of...I don't know...stopped working. My plot bunnies died in their prime. Everyone should take a moment to mourn.

How much do I love the layout? A whole bunch!!! I just adore having Joey's face anywhere near my name. I love his sexy "Don't you want to fuck a cowboy?" look.

::waves arms and jumps up and down::

I do, I do!


I don't think he heard me. Damn.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 04:06am on 27/06/2001
Very long day. Have a whole mess of thoughts racing through my head at a million flashes per second and no freakin' clue as to how to get everything out without my mind liquifying and pouring out my ears. Ack.

I'm also exhausted which means my mind is very relaxed and open right now. I always have the most, um, shall we say "interesting" for lack of a better word, dreams on nights like this.

My U2 videos came today! God, they are all such sexy men. And brilliant and funny which just adds to the already overwhelming sexiness. Carrie is coming over tomorrow to watch some fun U2 stuff, as well as to catch up on the NSYNC stuff she has missed. She doesn't have cable ::whispers:: She lives under a rock in a cave, you see. ::grin::

Here's something that's a tad annoying: MTV is having some grandiose celebration when the station turns 20 and, as part of the festivities, they are releasing a cd of 20 years of Pop on MTV with artists like TLC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Madonna. And BSB. Not sure whether NSYNC is included though. I won't rant about that until I know for sure but, as I'm sure some of y'all can imagine, if NSYNC isn't included, FULL RANT AHEAD!

My real problem is that suddenly the word "pop" is cool. Gee, who started that trend? I'm annoyed that MTV is latching onto NSYNC's basic manifesto for their "Celebrity" album and making it seem as though there has never been any sort of stigma attatched to the word "pop", and that the station itself has never added to that stigma in any way. Pardon me while I snort indignantly. ::snort::

The whole scenario just smacks of hypocrisy. I really don't like MTV. In 20 years, their only real accomplishment is taking a fabulous concept and fucking it up. MTV used to stand for Music Televison; now the "M" stands for Miscellaneous.

My head hurts. Time for bed.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 01:02am on 26/06/2001
I'm really upset that 3rd Rock went off the air; I'm watching the episode when Dick gained weight because he and Mary broke up:

"I'm doomed to a life of forlorn pudgery!"

Bwahahaha. Even better is:

"I need more structure and support, so I joined a weight loss program: the Fat Losers."

::snort:: John Lithgow is hysterical.

I saw "The Fast and the Furious" and may I just say wowpaulwalkerisprettyohdeargod...

That movie was so cool! I love the music, I love the cars, and, hello, I *love* the guys. Paul Walker is so pretty. And he sounds remarkably like Keanu Reeves. Very weird. And, oh, Vin Diesel's biceps are the size of my head. What's-her-face, the one who looks like a young Demi Moore, really needs to pluck those eyebrows. Bushy much?

Okay, now on to a more serious issue. Something weird happened to someone I love very much and I feel like ranting.

I've been thinking about something: Human beings, on the whole, tend to ignore their gut instincts and write off those twinges of apprehension as paranoia or an overactive imagination when, in fact, it is their subconscious telling them that a situation is dangerous. Think about all those stories you read in magazines and newspapers about women who have survived rapes, kidnappings, and murder attempts - almost, if not all, of them say that they had a nagging feeling that something about the situation was wrong but chose to ignore it. Why do we do this? Is anything as important as our well-being or our lives?

And it's also very easy to say that nothing bad will ever happen to us - oh, no, that won't happen to *me*. *I'll* be fine. Does anyone really think that women who have been victimized ever wake up one day and think, Wow, I'm going to be attacked/raped/murdered today? No one ever thinks it will happen to them. Only it does and it can and women need to learn to be more careful. If someone makes you uncomfortable, tell them. Loudly and in a place full of other people. Who cares if you offend them - they are a stranger and a possible threat to your well-being.

And, no, I'm not paranoid; I'm realistic. I don't walk in dark parking garages alone at night, I don't leave my car doors unlocked, I don't take rides from strangers - and I don't trust people I don't know very easily. Nor should I. Serial killers and rapists don't wear signs or have distinguishable markings - Ted Bundy was as All-American as they come. And race, age, height, and weight have very little to do with whether or not a man could overpower you. There are predators in this world; don't think you couldn't be their next victim, no matter how nice they may seem. It's just not worth the risk.

The person for whom this manifesto is intented knows who she is; I just hope she reads it.

Time to take my nightly sleeping pills and lie awake until they decide to kick in.

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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 01:21pm on 25/06/2001
When I stay up until 6 or 7 in the morning, it's really hard to drag my ass out of bed at 12:30 and go workout. I know this, yet I continue to stay up way too late. Or early. Whatever. Bottom line is I still have to go workout.

I read somewhere that NSYNC was going to be on Queen Latifah today. I'm watching but all I see is a dysfunctional couple - no, not JC and Lance! That really annoys me; you look forward to seeing something, set the VCR to make sure you don't miss it, and then, poof!, there's nothing. If that U2 Legends special isn't on VH1, I'm going to yell. Loudly. And for a very long time.

I'm going to see "The Fast and the Furious" today. Eh. I heard it sucked but, hello, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the same movie? They could spend 2 hours shucking corn and my eyes would be glued to the screen.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 04:26am on 25/06/2001
I finally got a personal picture! Thanks, koda, for helping me because, ya know, I'm a gigantic dumbass.

::sigh:: Oh, how I love this picture. Pretty men in drag - really, does it get better than that? I want Kevyn Aucoin to make JC over like David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase. Rawr. It should be illegal for JC to be so beautiful. Who has cheekbones like that, except maybe Christy Turlington? Don't even get me started on Lance's skin and Justin's eyelashes...
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 12:55am on 25/06/2001
Has anybody seen this dumbass trainer selling the Total Body Workout on tv? This guy annoys me to no end; his head is completely disproportionate to his body! He has this massive body and a tiny little head. Ew. Creepy.

He must go. And Jarod from Subway who I cannot fucking stand - did anyone ever think that maybe, just maybe, his weight loss came more from the twice-daily walks he took to Subway than from their delicious (bleech), low-fat sandwiches? Yes, so they must go away and take the dude with the question marks all over his suit with them. Morons, all of them.

If you didn't already hear about it, go read the article about NSYNC in Vibe magazine - best article ever. Ever. It's all about the NSYNC love. Is anyone else tickled by the fact that "Pop" is now a part of the BET countdown? I love it!

I want to watch U2's "Rattle&Hum" dvd again but the control is acting weird. Really, what's the point of watching unless you can pause and replay Adam being all doofy and sexy? I heart them so much; Carrie and I want them to come back and do a second leg of shows. Yes, we do.

Oh, and, I'll probably mention Carrie all the damn time - she's my best friend. Awww. Maybe I'll annoy her and put a picture of her up here. That would be fun.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 12:39am on 25/06/2001
I realized that saving an entry to my calendar is a dumbass thing to do. I'm not even sure how that little button was checked in the first place.

I wish Carrie stayed up late. But, no, she has to work and be productive and make money, yadda, yadda. Well, good for her, but who am I supposed to talk to?
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 12:34am on 25/06/2001
I just found those little "mood" and "music" spaces to fill out - how fun! Technology both frightens and amazes me. Carrie, help me!

Oh, right, you're as clueless as I am. Der.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 12:28am on 25/06/2001
I'm still trying to figure this damn LiveJournal thingie out, so nobody be impatient, okay?

Who, exactly, am I talking too? No one even knows I have this thing. Great, first I'm prattling to myself on the rglist, now I'm doing it here; when I crack, this journal will be proof of my slide into *complete* fucking insanity.

Blah. Off to look at U2 pictures.


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