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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 04:44am on 04/07/2001
I found a plot bunny.

It looked sweet and cute, so I picked it up.

The fucking thing *bit* me.

Now I'm pissed.

The problem is that I'm writing my first - and only - cross-group pairing. I forget what it's called when you take people from different groups and slash 'em...fuck, my brain is fried right now, whatever. I'm writing the story for Carrie's birthday and it involves the two men she lusts after going at it like...horny men. Heh. I think the logic is, Hey they're hot and boy-love is hot, so why the fuck not?

Let me just say this: It's NOT a BSB or O-Town slash crosser thingie. Bleech. I could never slash one of my sexy Nsyncer's with one of the damned. Ew. ::icky chill::

I'm just at a loss for where to go. Hmmm, perhaps I should go to sleep and then tackle the story with a fresh mind. I need to think of a title though; maybe "Fucking Bunny Bit Me and All I Got Was This Stupid Story".

Yeah, that sucks. Perhaps "Here's Your Damn Story, Carrie", although that might be a tad too hostile. Ha.

I need to fill out that survey and jump on the bandwagon with the rest of you. I'll add that to the list of things I need to do tomorrow. Number one is to coax my doggie out from under the bed because she's already terrified of the few fireworks that imbeciles in the neighborhood have been setting off. I don't understand the appeal of fireworks. ::shrugs:: Ah, well.

Time for sleep. Time for sleep. I've stayed up too late and now I'm hungry all over again. Time for sleep.

::glares at bunny::

I'll deal with you tomorrow. Fucker.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 05:05am on 04/07/2001
Why do I keep getting ads in my inbox on natural penis enlargement and porn sites? Is this because I read slash? Fucking hell!

I just updated my journal and checked my mail and there, back to back, were ads on how to "increase your penis" (okay, now I'm laughing) and where to find the best pictures of underage, voyeuristic cheerleaders. Dammit! Just because I like to read squishy boy-love stories does not mean that I want all of this shit.

And what man in his right mind would try any of this penis enlargement garbage? This stupid email actually advises men to slam themselves in car doors because it increases blood flow to the affected area. Yeah, I'd love to see some dumbfuck try that. Do you really think a guy is going to want anyone near him after being slammed by a car door? I could just see my male friends if someone suggested this to them...bwahahaha. Oh, maybe a guy would like to order this ten pound weight that hangs from his penis...what, exactly, is the point of that? God, this shit is annoying. Vaguely amusing, but annoying.

Ugh, and the porn stuff...if I'm into slash, why would I want to see straight porn? At least send me ads with hot men together. Or, actually, just don't send me ads at all. Grrrr.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 03:26pm on 04/07/2001
I'm bored. I'll refrain from typing it a million times, a la koda, but I'm bored.

I'm going to change my LJ picture a few times today. I'm so indecisive about that stuff; I have, like, 12 pictures that I love but can I use them all? Noooo. LJ bites my ass. Twice. Hey, at least it's free, right?

My bunny is behaving himself. ::grin:: He knows I'll kick his ass.

La-la-la, time to go workout.
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posted by [personal profile] fayemeadows at 03:47pm on 04/07/2001
I decided on my favorite picture of my favorite couple. Hee. Look at the slashy goodness - look at it!!

I wanted to use that picture of the guys from Rolling Stone when they were wearing red and white and bouncing around but it didn't look right. No bouncy puppies for me.

S'okay, JC and Lance make me happy.


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